Lake Mungo

Lake Mungo ★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

I was extremely invested in the first 50% of this but that latter half slipped on multiple banana peels. The documentary-style presentation is sublimely well done, so much so that you're liable to forget you're watching a work of fiction, but that format becomes a double-edged sword when bombshell revelations are delivered to us out of absolutely nowhere in a matter-of-fact tone which makes it blatantly clear the viewer is being strung along a breadcrumb trail of plot points/events. In a real documentary that's fine and maybe the best way to relay a true story but in a work of fiction it's just frustrating to have your switches flipped so whimsically.

For instance, one of those bombshells is that the victim's brother eventually confesses to fabricating the creepy videos and images we've seen showing his dead sister still shuffling about. This is deflating and makes us feel dumb for buying into the haunted house notion we've been sold but then soon after he says he does actually think something is in the house and still has his cameras running and then we're shown new visuals of the deceased moving around in there? You can't just flip that switch off for me and then ask me to flip it right back on again, maybe some folks can do that but I'm checking out at that point.

Interesting film with touching final image. It's a great concept, just not executed as well as it might have been IMHO.

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