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  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

    Rogue One: A Star Wars Story


    Definitely a contenter for best Star Wars film to date. A must watch for all, not just for fans.

  • The Forest

    The Forest


    This is a really good film and is based on a real premise: the suicide woods in the Aokigahara Forest. Set in Japan, this film blends western ideals in an eastern setting very well. I'm a fan of Natalie Dormer and she does very well as the protagonists. 
    The ending was a bit predictable but maybe that's because I watch a lot of horror films. 
    Well worth a watch.

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  • Looper



    I love Joseph Gordon-Levitt [JGL] at the moment. Every film and TV show I have seen him, from Roseanne and 3rd Rock From The Sun in the early 90's through to G.I. Joe (RotC) 50/50, Inception and Dark Knight Rises in recent years,

    I have watched this young character actor develop into the Hollywood Star he is today. Every role he has taken he has become the character to a point where sometimes I don't recognise him in a film.…

  • Sinister



    Oh My God it's Ethan Hawke!
    This film is a cinematic delight. Brilliant effects and score.
    Poor make up and the monster was a bit too bland for my liking.
    Ethan Hawke is brilliant as Ellison Oswalt, a struggling true crime author and reacts to the supernatural goings on in a very human, real and believable way.
    A very jumpy film and my favourite type of horror. A real and natural performance from most of the cast. As you leave…