Sign of the Lion

Sign of the Lion ★★★★★

Really starting to like Rohmer but I am aware that this is not one of his usual films.
Jess Hahn's Pierre kept growing more and more on me. His psychology actually amazes me. The character is pretty far from being smart yet I kept sympathising with him and even justifying his actions (even buying the stupid 80 francs stain remover for his pants).
Thanks to Rohmer In Paris I was extremely conscious of his path and encounters in Paris. I was even wondering what his path would look like when drawn on the map.
Just on the aesthetic level, I adore watching these movies. I really enjoy the film grain, the texture on surfaces, the streets and cars, the food and drinks. I could feel the sun in my eyes, the wind on my skin but I really wished I was more involved so to drink and eat sardines on baguettes with Pierre!
Now I now some will get annoyed at the cameo of Jean-Luc Godard
in this movie, but I thought it was a bit self aware and funny in a way.
As much as I enjoyed the movie I think the 2hr run time was not justifiable. There were long moments of extraneous chatter which I could have lived without. I also wonder if the movie did actually need the last 3 mins. As it is, I prefer to think the story has a cyclical nature to it.
Could this be the last Rohmer movie that I actually like?