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  • Tintorera: Killer Shark

    Tintorera: Killer Shark

    The release of JAWS in 1975 saw a slew of cash-in films featuring more killer sharks, whales, alligators, crocodiles, and piranha. Of these, the Mexican/British co-production of TINTORERA is probably the worst. Rene Cardona seems better-suited to direct his standard "ripped from the headlines" flicks like SURVIVE, CYCLONE, and GUYANA: CRIME OF THE CENTURY. Hugo Stiglitz suffers a mild nervous and physical breakdown, so is whisked away to an island resort where he lives on a yacht to get his…

  • The Tattered Dress

    The Tattered Dress


    This intriguing courtroom/small town corruption melodrama plays like Jack Arnold's B-movie attempt to remake ANATOMY OF A MURDER...except it came out two years before Preminger's film. Jeff Chandler is pretty solid as a big city attorney who gets a flustered husband cleared of a murder rap for killing a man who his floozy wife (sultry Elaine Stewart) claims assaulted her (hence the title). The local small town sheriff (Jack Carson in an uncharacteristic and wonderful villain role) doesn't take kindly…

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  • Moment by Moment

    Moment by Moment


    Yikes... If there was ever a film that deserves its universally panned reputation, it's Jane Wagner's MOMENT BY MOMENT. John Travolta and Lily Tomlin are hideously mismatched and play characters you would rather watch drown in the ocean than dance romantic circles around each other. The whole thing reminded me very much of FEMALE ON THE BEACH, the Joan Crawford film where she plays a rich woman in a seaside home pursued by a gigolo.'s pretty much the same…

  • Where It's At

    Where It's At


    Famed screenwriter and sometimes director Garson Kanin makes an attempt to be hip...and fails miserably. Aside from the pre-BVD casting of Edy Williams as a Vegas showgirl who attempts to bed the boss' son to prove he isn't gay (he's played by a gay actor who can't play straight, making it all very confusing), this is a turkey. At least there's a lot of fun footage of Vegas in the 60s. Otherwise, about as exciting as eating a piece of toast.