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  • The Institute

    The Institute


    Why can't I give 0 stars? I'd give 0.

    A young woman is brought to an asylum because she can "no longer bear the stress of life" after she lost her parents. Okay, legit up to that point, people did bring in women for the merest of afflictions back in the day. But then, SURPRISE, the asylum turns out to be run by a rich guy society who brainwash the women through torture (overly sexualised, btw) to become Arya Stark-"no-one"…

  • As I Open My Eyes

    As I Open My Eyes

    Leyla Bouzid’s French-Tunisian drama goes above and beyond the traditional coming of age story, using one girl’s journey to adulthood to explore politics, revolution and state sanctioned violence. As I Open My Eyes, gaining international attention for its portrayal of the Arab Spring, seeks to tackle such a prominent and life altering event through the eyes of its young protagonist: Farah.

    Farah (Baya Medhaffer), an aspiring singer, wants to roam free, pursue a relationship with one of her fellow band…

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  • Under the Sun

    Under the Sun

    Despite frequently being labeled the most reclusive country in the world, in the past half decade or so there have been a preponderance of documentaries about North Korea. TV shows, websites and documentary filmmakers have all offered their own spin on what is colloquially referred to as “The Hermit Kingdom”. Though told in different ways, all of these pieces have generally come to the same conclusion: North Korea is super duper bizarre, and one can’t take anything at face value.…

  • Clown


    Written and directed by Jon Watts with co-writer Christopher Ford back in 2014, Clown has been in the offing for some time now. Originally conceived in 2010 as a fake trailer for a forthcoming feature attraction fictively produced by contemporary horror genre guru Eli Roth, Watts‘ first feature length production is a mixed bag. Blending various elements of body horror with the basic thematic structure of a domestic comedy, Clown is more silly than it is scary.

    Even as Clown…