Favorite films

  • The Rapture
  • Carny
  • Welcome to L.A.
  • Night Games

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  • Mill of the Stone Women


  • Simba


  • Elvis


  • The Black Phone


Recent reviews

  • Mr. Quilp

    Mr. Quilp


    Really wanted to like this more. Had some decent songs, but it's really a slog to get through. Anthony Newley looks like the goat man from Alucarda in this.

  • How We Stopped the War

    How We Stopped the War


    Very free form documentation of Country Joe and the Fish preparing for and then performing at an anti-war rally. Worth watching if you're a fan, might feel pointless to others.

Popular reviews

  • The Art of Self-Defense

    The Art of Self-Defense


    Completely unexpected in the best possible way, but I can vouch from firsthand experience that it is not a good first date movie.

  • At the Drive-In

    At the Drive-In


    You know when people think the business they work for deserves a reality show because the employees/regulars are mildly quirky or witty, but in reality would be awkward and cringey if shown to people with no connection to them? That's what this feels like. Add in some basic sentimental music and you've got yourself a documentary. Super offput by the fact that virtually no women get to speak, meanwhile they give like 10 minutes of screentime to this random film…