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  • I, Daniel Blake

    I, Daniel Blake


    The first thing I thought when it ended was : meh

    We all know the welfare system can be heartless and full of senseless bureaucracy, but do we really need typical characters like that to show it to us on film ? At this point, we can all agree that the old widower who takes a single mom under his wing has been overused

    There's some quality to it : actors are good, there's heart and humor

    Unfortunately, Loach's characters…

  • The Lost City of Z

    The Lost City of Z


    Well, that was a disaster

    A movie about exploration during the early 20th century should not be that bland, boring and bad

    I hate it when movies like this expect you to have feelings even when it's not deserved. At no point during this I felt sympathy for the characters. At 140 minutes, it is overlong and uninteresting, with not much to offer except a load of clichés, silly dialogues and silly motivations for the protagonist

    Believe me, you have to skip this

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  • Before Sunset

    Before Sunset


    "You can never replace anyone because everyone is made up of such beautiful specific details"

    I've been single for a year, after a 6-year relationship. I find the idea of falling in love again pretty scary. Not that I got my heart broken or anything, but it's just a scary thought to completely open yourself to someone else, to be vulnerable

    Before Sunset makes me want to fall in love again. A perfect sequel, in a sense that it's more…

  • Take Shelter

    Take Shelter


    "ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND ?" Says the magnificent Jessica Chastain

    I went into this knowing nothing (you should do the same) and i came out completely stunned by it. It treats mental illness like no other movie I've seen. It takes his time and the simple but beautiful cinematography makes sure you don't look away for a second.