Nymphomaniac: Vol. I ★★★★

Ostensibly a sketch show, and those sketches were of varying quality. It is sewn together by a present time situation where the lead character is somewhat rescued by an academic loner with a penchant for fishing. I have to say that as far as these intellectual characters that are often so intriguing in film go, he was more annoying as the fishy analogies become so tenuous, you wonder if the writer simply couldn't have cut his losses, having laid out the theme so strongly.

As the second volume turned out to be a wash out (in my opinion), this really is about what scenes were worth watching in the first volume. Shia LaBeouf's character led office saga really stands out as a prime cut. Wonderfully tense scenes and beautifully independent cinema.

What was really worth watching through the entire two volumes however, was the short but sublime 'sketch' involving Uma Thurman. I won't ruin this for anyone by describing what happens, suffice to say it is truly delicious.

Outside of these two I could have cared less. The directing is interesting though a bit too Gothic for my liking.