• Jerry Sadowitz - Total Abuse Show

    Jerry Sadowitz - Total Abuse Show


    Sadowitz has grown as a live act since this, yet his earlier routine still dazzles. If this is his only public release in circulation - grab it without hesitation and then go out and watch the master live because he's only gotten better and fouler with age.

  • The Flying Scotsman

    The Flying Scotsman


    Didn't tell the full story, but I guess the film wanted to concentrate on his active cycling years. Obviously low budget, and it proved to be a very ordinary cinematic experience. They were only going to get one shot at this and although perfectly adequate, I felt this unique man with so many personal experiences deserved more, with finer details omitted.

  • Nymphomaniac: Vol. I

    Nymphomaniac: Vol. I


    Ostensibly a sketch show, and those sketches were of varying quality. It is sewn together by a present time situation where the lead character is somewhat rescued by an academic loner with a penchant for fishing. I have to say that as far as these intellectual characters that are often so intriguing in film go, he was more annoying as the fishy analogies become so tenuous, you wonder if the writer simply couldn't have cut his losses, having laid out…

  • Whiplash



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    A comprehensively stellar film owing much to its soundtrack and general audio brilliance. A film that throughout had me wide eyed, excited and gave me a few guffaws (I rarely laugh at anything).

    Ok so Terence Fletcher is not as hip as Malcolm Tucker, nor are his expletives as hard hitting, but I found his put-downs hilarious and his intensity brought some real toe curling moments that again brought me to the edge of my seat, or maybe hiding behind…

  • Michael



    I couldn't help thinking of Force Majeure when Michael hits the ski slopes, not just because of the setting of that particular segment, but because of it's parked shooting style, framing the conventional routine of a character down to their personal foibles. More notably however, I realised this was simply not as good as Force Majeure as a spectacle.

    Though in no way entertaining, and regrettably unsatisfying, I did enjoy the film's purpose. As other reviewers have said, evil is…