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  • Alien: Covenant

    Alien: Covenant


    Fassbender saved this movie for me. Mcbride was likeable too. Beautiful cinematography and overall an improvement over the promising but unsatisfying prometheus,  still too many dumb moments, a story which is not as thought out as it tries to be,forgettable supporting characters and fucking cgi aliens (why?? they looked way better in the second and even the first one!!). Scott, I don't regret seeing this, but please don't make another one.

  • Okja



    Considering the mixed feelings I had  with Snowpiercer, I honestly didn't expect this to be such a fun but also thought provoking ride. Okja is awesome.

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  • Ran



    I saw this on the 4k blu ray and by god - this movie is beautiful. Sometimes it's very slow paced (some shots just wont stop even though they look awesome) and it can be a little bit hard to sit trough. But when I got enganged in it - it really gives more than it takes. Even though I could not get into the characters as much as I had hoped to,  the story had some very memorable moments. For the most part I enjoyed this because of the beautiful world it's created. Kurosawa sure is a Legend.

  • Arrival



    One of the best movies this year. Denis Villeneuve is such a genius, now I am even more excited for his Blade Runner sequel.