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  • Burning



    Burning plays with your expectations and embraces it‘s slow pace while creating an unique atmosphere that sucked me in. One of the most satisfying movies in recent memory, it’s so many things and also none of them at the same time. Half the time you don’t even know what you’re watching. The fact that it does not rely on genre conventions or definitive answers, makes it even better. I can see this even go up on a second viewing.

  • Us



    This really grows on you the more you think about it. On a surface level it‘s a decent horror film, but not great by any means. It contains maybe a little bit too much humor for my taste (something Peele is usually brilliant at, but not in scenes that don’t need it) and get‘s really over the top sometimes. If you engage yourself into the ideas and the concept however, it has so many things going for it.
    Loved the…

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  • Arrival



    One of the best movies this year. Denis Villeneuve is such a genius, now I am even more excited for his Blade Runner sequel.

  • mother!



    The last hour is something truly special: very hard to watch and at the same time brilliantly fascinating. There is only one way to interpret all this , mothers! metaphors are well thought out and executed but also not very subtle. Maybe Arronofsky did go too far in one particular scene - I'm still not sure about that. All I know is that it gets you to think/talk about it and I fucking love that.
    Way too many close ups tho..