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  • The Fox and the Hound

    The Fox and the Hound


    I was five when my dad was bringing me somewhere in the Parisian metro. While we were waiting for our train, he told me we were going to the movie theater. He showed me the huge poster in the station and told me: we are going to see this. It is the new Disney movie. It was the Fox and the Hound, one of my first memories and the first movie I ever saw.

  • Tenet



    3rd viewing. This time on my new OLED 55" TV. So it was a double treat.
    Perfect film to test new gear, especially in this covid time when movie theaters are on standby.
    In the comfort of my living room, I kept seeing new stuff in Tenet. Next time I will try something silly. I will play the movie backwards and see what happens.
    Ludwig Göransson, the composer, has mentioned somewhere he created themes that could be played backwards.
    I'm liking this movie more and more.

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  • First Man

    First Man


    Intense and introspective biopic.
    The cinematography, art direction and music are all tightly orchestrated.

    The sense of loss is drawn with remarkable strokes in this movie.
    Damien Chazelle surely remembers Wong Kar Wai well.

  • Arrival



    I am fascinated by the relationship between Tenet and this, however different they are.
    So I'm gonna pair them for a while and watch them together for as long as I can or feel like it.

    Arrival is based on Ted Chiang short novel "Story of my Life". Ted Chiang has earned many awards for his sci-fi literature.
    I am going to do some reading now.