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  • The Decameron

    The Decameron

    Not an actual review, just some thoughts. 
    A HEAVY disclaimer: the version i saw had no subtitles, which no doubt colors my perception of the film, particularly the narrative(s). This is why i’m holding off from a real analysis and am judging this on a purely technical level for now.

    Pasolini has been pretty hit-or-miss with me from the few movies i’ve seen from him, this being the third. The first of his i’ve seen was, ironically enough, his last…

  • Badlands


    Stray observations regarding Terrence Malick's 'Badlands':

    Kitt is driven by the pursuit of recognition. He comes alive when he is in custody. He is the prisoner of those who know him, those he schmoozes and woos, like a celebrity is to the public that elevates and rewards them. Kitt becomes a true character in the end, trading autonomy for amusement. 

    The happiest Martin Sheen (in his electric portrayal of a delusional, malaise-headed youth hell bent on being iconified to the…

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  • Mulholland Drive

    Mulholland Drive

    One of my favorite (if not, my very favorite) Lynch film(s).

    A labyrinthine story of misguided optimism, poisonous romance, bitter betrayal, and all-consuming regret.
    A potent critique as well as an affectionate cautionary tale of Hollywood. It's a story-within-a-story, it's endlessly engaging and a fully satisfying mystery.

    Truly inspired filmmaking, entrancing from start to finish.

  • Snake Eyes

    Snake Eyes

    "Believe everything except your eyes." Especially your SNAKE eyes. HAhahhahahhahhahahhahahahaahahahahaaha. More to come later.