A Quiet Place ★★★★½

A Quiet Place is definitely one of the most interesting horror movies I've watched this year. Its premise alone is impeccable, the cast and storyline are strong. Although it reminds me of Hush and Don't Breathe, it's a brand new take on the horror tropes set by those two movies. It also breathes in new life into the horror genre as well, which is difficult.

Although I find it dumb that Emily's character would decide on having another baby with her husband, I could somewhat understand why they decided to conceive another one. The loss and the pain made them decide on having another baby. It was clear that they planned on distracting the creatures with sound when she is ready to deliver the baby. Still, that plan crumbled when Emily's character's water bag burst + the creature closing in.

However, I felt like there could be more done at the ending of the movie because I wanted more. I didn't need it to be a full blown action sequence or whatnot, but at least some closure where the characters find safety someplace else instead of still being in that same location.