Thunder Road

Thunder Road ★★★★

Despite it being based on a 2016 short that won an award at Sundance, I had heard little to nothing about Thunder Road before I entered into it. I’m thankful, though, as this was quite the surprise for me. Going by the poster and the premise I expected a silly slapstick comedy but Jim Cummings’ writing/directing debut is so much more. It does have plenty of laughs but it’s a dark film and the humour is often cringeworthy. While providing many entertaining moments, essentially the film is about the dissolution of a man’s marriage, fatherhood and life in general as we witness him from moment to moment suffer an ever increasing nervous breakdown. Cummings is wonderful in the lead role and touches upon many of life’s challenges and how important it is to stay focused and not let it grind you down. Possibly the sleeper film of the year that I sincerely hope finds a bigger audience.

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