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  • Bloodshot



    How disappointing that when a global pandemic hits and all cinemas are due to close I am rushing to snap up all the cinema offerings that I can and this is my final movie. 
    On this the final evening of a turning point in todays new world I planned to see two movies. My second movie at a smaller independent cinema was to be my last but literally within hours they too closed leaving this pile of tosh as my…

  • The Elephant Man

    The Elephant Man


    I think this was the first David Lynch movie I ever watched. I was very young. I knew nothing about cinema. I knew little about directors. But I distinctly remember watching this for the first time as a kid. 
    Soon after I discovered Blue Velvet. Now more of an age to understand movies i desperately wanted to know who’s crazed mind this movie came from. When Wild At Heart and Twin Peaks followed I was hooked. Only once I figured…

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  • Fisherman’s Friends

    Fisherman’s Friends


    This is one of those movies that British cinema does a lot of. A feel good movie that follows a set formulae and delivers a reasonably successful movie that the public can enjoy. Some of these movies  crossover and are hugely successful whilst others like this are good but without having that extra sparkle that makes it stand out. 

    All based on a true story where a bunch of local fishermen singing sea shanties really were signed by a record…

  • Misbehaviour



    Misbehaviour is that type of true story that us Brits always manage to do a fine job in churning out. And just in case there is any doubt with this one we will cast Keira Knightley in one of the main roles. A safe bet indeed. She is as ever a solid addition to any movie. 

    It’s an interesting topic set in 1970 and showing the production of the now defunct Miss World contest. One of those shows from the…