A Deal With The Universe

A Deal With The Universe ★★★★

This from the outset feels like it’s going to be a sensationalist documentary telling the story af a trans man getting pregnant. What has been achieved here though is a documentary that is simply about love, resilience and parenthood. 

Jason Barker is said trans person and it is his story along with his partner Tracey. They have decided to document over several years their attempts at becoming parents. From initial attempts with Tracey, her shocking unfortunate breast cancer and finally being forced to change direction and instead use Jason himself to get pregnant. 

All of the footage is home footage of a mixed quality. It is all of this though that gives it its authenticity. The story is narrated by Jason himself as he tells this remarkable story painstakingly edited with the many hours of footage documenting it along the way. 
Infused with such humour from both you can’t help but fall in love with both of them as they display a love for each other and a resilience for what they really want out of life that makes you completely fall in love with them. 
I completely forgot at times that the battle included that as belonging to a trans man. To me it was just the same struggles that any loving couple will go through with fertility clinics and IVF in their battle to become parents.  An important movie for sure with the trans community but one that can be seen by everyone from all walks of life regardless of gender and sexuality. 

So many times during this I was tense with them staring at the pregnancy test willing that line to appear for them. 
Once the film gets to its conclusion and final montage of shots there won’t be a dry eye in the house. A truly uplifting and inspiring story that deserves to be seen by a much wider audience.