Captain Marvel ★★½

So here’s the thing with this. I write this review several weeks after the movie. I’m playing catch up. Bear with me. 
As I think back to the movie to ponder on my thoughts about it, it strikes me that already I have forgotten about it. I can barely remember anything about it. That’s never a good thing. 

The umpteenth Marvel movie centres around their first origin movie with a female lead. They ticked their first black superhero last year so they are now ticking the female card. How long before we get a full on LGBT hero next? 

As opposed to remembering how great Brie Larsen is in the title role what stood out for me is how big a part Samuel L Jackson had in this movie and how technology has made him look much younger as the movie is set in the 90’s. He looks great and delivers a fun performance. 

The rest of it just features aliens, fighting, costumes and well I don’t know. Who cares. It’s just another forgettable Marvel movie.

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