Nobody ★★★★

Nobody is exactly the type of movie that cinemas are crying out for post pandemic. An all out over the top joyful action movie. This is the type of movie that you would almost expect Liam Neeson to star in but hang on. There is new old man action hero in town and he goes by the name of 58 year old Bob Odenkirk. 

He plays Hutch, a what appears to be ordinary family man leading an ordinary and monotonous life. But this is written by Derek Kolstad, writer of John Wick and he hasn’t strayed too far from that path with this tale of a man with hidden kick ass secrets.  

I had no idea who Bob Odenkirk was.  I have never seen any of his comedy nor have I watched Breaking Bad or Better Call Saul.  In this he is fantastic training hard for 2 years to prepare him for all this fight choreography.  Once we witness the brilliantly shot bus scene we know we are now in for a real ride of a movie. It never lets you down.  Yes it’s all silly fun but when it’s this well made it hits all the sweet spots in being such an enjoyable movie.  

Never outstaying it’s welcome at a tight sub 90 minutes this is telling you how to make a movie that is just all out fun and a perfect excuse to drag me back into the cinema.

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