Ritual ★★★★½

holy shit oh my god wow wow wow hideaki anno seriously might just be my favorite director of all time. and this might be a new favorite. never in my life has a directoral style captivated me as much as his. he expresses so much true emotion in this movie from how he directs. like. i cant even fully describe it and put it into words. just. holy shit something about this movie really hit me. it’s just art. every single shot of this is artistically incredible and dynamic. the way anno perfectly captures the feeling of loneliness and the somewhat hopeful disparity of life throughout all his work touches the deepest parts of my heart. the sudden dreamlike shots jumping around back to the integral characters and colors and just oh my god. everything. im blown away. hideaki anno is truly a master of his craft, and this film shows the true art of filmmaking. this was so hard to find but it was worth it. this is the perfect type of movie and directoral style for me. this is exactly the prime example of what type of media and art moves me. i dream of making super strange yet intriguing art like this. just. wow.

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