Tokyo Tribe

Tokyo Tribe ★★★★★

"Tokyo Tribe" fucking glows, man. It fucking glows. When's the last time you saw a film like this? Never? Yeah, me neither. It's a silly, glorious, batshit crazy explosion, reveling in the cinematic excess. It's sneakily intelligent, witty, gleeful, and, like of all of Sion Sono's work, so very Japanese.

The movie casts a delirious trance, beautifully weaving together a music video, an avant-garde exploration of the power of pop imagery and a blistering satire of fanboy culture, the corruption of youth, the empty masking of excess, and one of the most imaginative, inspired, exhilarating finales I've seen in the past decade. Japan is realized not just an exotic fever dream, but as an amalgamation of pop culture values and styles, a yakuza rap opera pink film, a batshit symphony of our most surface level eccentricities to conceal our damn near banal neuroses.

2015 is the year pop film has rediscovered its power.

And that sound. And that color.

I feel like I could run a fucking marathon.

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