Marcel van Driel

Marcel van Driel

Dutch writer of children’s books.

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  • Confessions to dEUS

    Confessions to dEUS


    Fun documentary that seems to be inspired by Anton Corbijn’s Spirits in the Forest doc about Depeche Mode (but is not quite as good) by mixing true and sometimes devastating stories from fans with music and stories from the band. And yes, I am one of those fans (the one that talks about his depression and ADHD :)) in the film.

  • Mank



    Movie of the year. And unexpectedly hilarious. More later.

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  • Greenland



    If this is what director Ric Roman Waugh can do with a clunky script filled with (really bad) exposition, overused film tropes and mediocre dialogue, I can’t wait what he’ll do with a good screenplay. The second act had me literally on the edge of my seat, so nerve wrenching it was. Good performances too. Pity we weren’t be able to see this on a big cinema screen.

  • Avengers: Infinity War

    Avengers: Infinity War


    Infinity War is probably the best superhero movie you can make with so many different characters and so many different locations. I enjoyed myself a lot, but I prefer the Marvel movies where there is more at stake on a personal level. Thanos is the best villain ever, though (and the best character of the movie)

    I watched this one again and I have to admit: it was better the second time around.