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  • The Nightingale

    The Nightingale


    The Nightingale is a film that often touches greatness as a masterwork of revenge cinema. It soars when it is at its most contemplative, melancholic and primal... but loses altitude drastically when attempting to be a thesis about race and feminism, principally through an idiosyncratic, one-note, Looney-Tunes-like portrayal of its horny villains.

    I had problems with the portrayal of indigenous characters in The Revenant... and I have similar issues here in the use of these characters primarily as plot devices…

  • The Terminal

    The Terminal


    Spielberg’s attempt to channel Frank Capra... while it’s a charming and humorous romp, it’s downfall lies in Catherine Zeta Jones’s glorified moron of a love interest. I liken it to Spielberg’s romantic misfire ALWAYS... an experiment in tone and fantasy that succeeds marginally better here but falls victim to whimsical contrivances that are more at home in an Indiana Jones film. Still, it’s remarkably enjoyable and Tom Hanks is one of the only Hollywood actors to pull off a convincing East-European accent.

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  • Riot



    Beautifully executed and acted true-life drama. Damon Herriman and Kate Box are truly outstanding and the support cast are perfectly understated.

  • 1917



    A visceral Campbellian journey across the apocalyptic wastelands of the First World War, 1917 takes you on a ride that never lets up... drawing you deep into its anxiety-driven set-pieces and adrenaline-charged destruction. 

    The one major drawback is that 1917’s denouement falls a little flat and ends with a whimpering shudder when it should really be climaxing with deep exhalation. Mendes’ work is at its best when it is at its most observational and thought-provoking, but when it drifts into Spielbergian…