Miami Vice ★★★½

Mann at the peak of his most expressive and experimental filmmaking. There’s a lot to admire about Miami Vice... Mann’s signature exploration of process and his love affair with the procedural... His obsession with... well... male obsession. The use of digital filmmaking is justified here... as Dion Beebe’s camera absorbs, explores, dissects and basks in the steely blue, relentless world of undercover law enforcement on the frontlines of the war on drugs.

Although I think the greatest problem with this film is Colin Farrell’s characterization (and potentially also his moustache). I know this is gonna sound controversial but I honestly think Mann should have Re-teamed Foxx with Tom Cruise and the film may have had more electricity, charisma and verve. Farrell is firmly down the middle of suave and grit... which ultimately places him nowhere.

That being said... this film is a thinking man’s guilty pleasure.