Ghostwatch ★★★★

Yo Adrian, I did it. I found a great found footage film. Orson Welles said "The absence of limitations is the enemy of art.", the fact it was bitterly coming from a man in the eye of a changing industry notwithstanding, whilst I disagree with the notion I think there is one place where it can be applied today. Found-footage films only tend to work if the creators are seized by limitations, self-imposed or not, if they realize, as characters caught in the wind of the film, they cannot have rabid editing, multiple cameras, CGI, POV shots of every hallway, only when the bare tools are left, a human with a camera, can one achieve what the genre set out to do. The ability to do all these things, has led to 95% of found-footage films not actually being found-footage films, and the genres whose future was once the future, is all muddied up with a thousand lonely suicides. It is an insane world where the majority of ''found-footage'' films are trying their hardest not to be found-footage films and break free from the genre.

There are a few things that hold this back. Mechanical wooden acting specifically from the kids, the constant use of the word ''glory hole'', and the atypical ''jokes on you it was a hoax WAIT NO IT WASN'T LOL'' swerve. Back to acting, it's not all gone to pot, because we have Michael Parkinson and Craig fucking Charles serving as masters of the mic. This would have been an absolute blast to see live, or utterly destructive to childhood sleep, which may be synonymous. I want to watch ''Behind the Curtains'' but it seems like it just doesn't exist besides the fact that it apparently does. Going back to watch a film, after reading trivia about it all night, to spot all the little parts where things were subtly happening is proof enough for how well it is done.

Now check these tidbits for what a cruel motherfucker this guy was:

''The writer wanted the story to go further with Parkinson claiming "the ghost is probably in your house". ''

''The writer was unsuccessful in his attempt to be allowed to put a high pitched sound over the recording which while people wouldn't hear it would make household animals go wild - something which happens in the pipes household and is frequently mentioned in the story. ''