Interior. Leather Bar.

Interior. Leather Bar. ★★★★

the actual cinematic idea takes an immediate backseat to Val Lauren who accidentally becomes the protagonist of a film where he isn't quite sure why the fuck he does the things he does for James Franco. Making things weirder is how this is all woven, Lauren comically states how he's insecure with pretty much everything that's going on. better yet is the ending that seems to, in some ridiculous way, profoundly affirm that Lauren's character has irrevocably changed, that some things that were seen can never be unseen, that some perverse and ominous things might have been accidentally awoken inside him.

Franco and Lauren watching the live gay porn ensue as if they were watching the executions of innocent civilians was fun and summarized Franco's attempts to be an ally quite nicely, his please-don't-let-this-offend-the-gays monologues are just baffling. Pretty gay, overall. i loved it.