Irreversible ★★★★

It's a very interesting experience going into a film that beings with climax and intensity and as it moves forward fizzles and placates into the opposite. Rather than finishing this film with deep breathes and a sudden re-entry to reality the audience is left to chew over the brutality and ferocity seen from the onset for the latter half of the film. Going into this clean meant that for a good portion of the first act I had no idea this film was even in reverse-chronological order (''B-but how did they fix his arm?''). I'd heard about this film long before visiting it, ''disturbing, unforgettable'' ''the most walked out of movie of the year'', but as someone who has spent more than an hour on the internet, nothing particularly despicable. Only made so by the mesmerizing direction of Gasper Noe. Save us Gasper.