L'Eclisse ★★★★★

The Monica Vitti Homewrecker Trilogy concludes in a world where if clothes tear it's their own fault. As mystifying and shadowy as the human condition is presented within Antonioni's pessimistic fantasy there's still something more baffling within L'eclisse: just how do stock markets even work? Silence permeates through every crack in every wall and boredom proliferates from every second spent not talking and running and kissing and loving. Everything brings forth a perpetual aura of decay as if the whole damn thing is rapidly falling apart, walls crumble, streets crack, words falter, film unravels, every word spoken carries the tone of futility. "And the day after that" "And the day after that" Almost as if both are fully aware as they voice their lies with confidence that the engine hasn't got a hope in hell of starting, much less meeting any illustrious rendezvous on the hopeful horizon. They clasp hands and fall into it, like a daydream. Or a fever.

Could you tell the enchantment I said goodbye
I met a girl named disillusionment
Could you tell her I made the headlines
Says 'boy draws wings on everything'