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  • Norte, the End of History
  • West Side Avenue
  • Evolution of a Filipino Family
  • Death in the Land of Encantos
  • Heremias: Book One - The Legend of the Lizard Princess

Lav Diaz

11 films

Due to the elusive nature of Diaz's works his films are very difficult to find unless you're looking or live…

  • U.S. Go Home
  • 35 Shots of Rum
  • The Intruder
  • White Material
  • Beau Travail

Claire Denis

12 films

Claire Denis is a woman of few words so I shall use that as an excuse to introduce this retrospective…

  • Sans Soleil
  • Le Joli Mai
  • America as Seen by a Frenchman
  • A. K.
  • Level Five

Chris Marker

41 films

a ranked list of a man who made a lot of films. some weird, some soft, some impenetrable, some daft,…

  • Sans Titre
  • Level Five
  • A. K.
  • The Lovers on the Bridge
  • One Day in the Life of Andrei Arsenevich
  • It's Such a Beautiful Day
  • Diary of a Country Priest
  • Leviathan
  • The Man Who Sleeps
  • What Time Is It There?

July in Review. Top 20. [2013]

20 films

No rewatches allowed. A month of Scorsese, Ming-Liang, Hou-Hsien, Bresson, Ceylan, Korine, Noe, Dolan, Dupieux and other odds and ends.…

  • Inside Llewyn Davis
  • Spring Breakers
  • Norte, the End of History
  • Tchoupitoulas
  • To the Wonder

TOP 11 OF 2013

11 films

arbitrary list-making forever

  • Tchoupitoulas
  • Simon of the Desert
  • SubUrbia
  • Exotica
  • Easy Rider

August in Review. Top 20 [2013]

20 films

No rewatches.

Directors marathoned: Richard Linklater (incomplete), Pen-ek Ratanaruang, James Gray, Lipsett, Bresson (half)

  • PlayTime
  • Mon Oncle
  • Trafic
  • Monsieur Hulot's Holiday
  • Parade

Jacques Tati

7 films


  • God's Country
  • Le Joli Mai
  • America as Seen by a Frenchman
  • Down by Law
  • Johnny Suede

June in Review. Top 20.

19 films

note to self: watch more films


  • La Collectionneuse
  • Tie Xi Qu: West of the Tracks
  • Waking Life
  • Nashville
  • 56 Up

June in review. Top 20. [2013]

20 films

just young and dumb and numb and lung

  • Buffalo '66
  • 35 Shots of Rum
  • Mauvais Sang
  • The Intruder
  • Boy Meets Girl

May in review. Top 20.

20 films




  • The Last Picture Show
  • Winter Light
  • Reminiscences of a Journey to Lithuania
  • My Dinner with Andre
  • PlayTime

May in review. Top 20. [2013]

20 films

No rewatches. The month of missed classics, work, and Bray Wyatt.