The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club ★★★★★

Crazy how i keep finding new details to appreciate no matter how many times i watch this movie.

This movie speaks the most to me personally out of any movie that i've ever seen which is why it's my personal fav.

Also Allison looked better before her makeover but the purpose of her makeover is to show that she's finally opening up to the others so i don't mind it at all.

Also as for the romances at the end, those are more one time flings between friends than true love and it was also set-up since the start of the movie, Andy and Allison have a great understanding of each other while Claire seems to emphatize with Bender the most even if Bender is mean to her.

Overall i really enjoy this movie, i can understand why some people don't but i'll never stop adoring every frame and every line of dialogue of this movie.

R.I.P John Hughes

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