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Why it's my Favorite Movie

This review is gonna be a long one but i'd appreciate it if you gave it a read.

First off i want to say that it's alright if you don't like this movie, everyone's entitled to their own opinion of course, i just wanted to explain why this is my personal fav.

Now i don't think this movie is flawless, it does have flaws though i feel the movie's many achievements far outweigh it's flaws. However to me a movie doesn't have to be perfect to be my fav, it just needs to be the one i connect to the most.

There are some outdated elements, a few instances of a homophobic slur & Bender's treatment of Claire & i do agree that Ferris Bueller has probably aged better but i feel that the core of the movie is timeless, the main themes of the movie are those of friendship & empathy which will always be relevant.

I think the movie's writing is genuinely brilliant, part of the reason why it's so rewatchable is because there's a lot of little details i missed in earlier watches but i noticed upon more rewatches, it's insane how many bits of foreshadowing are in the movie. Besides that i think the way the movie essentially deconstructs high school stereotypes is very well done, it uses typical tropes found within the genre to create these relatable characters & a phenomenal story that's just kinda perfectly done for what it's going for.

The performances are very solid with each actor embodying their roles perfectly, they all have great chemistry & work off each other so well. All of them bring something special to the ensemble. I also read that most if not all of the "sitting in a circle" scene was improvised which makes the five leads performances even more impressive, doubly so since some of them were actually teens.

The editing flows very well, it manages to show all the character's reactions & it helps the comedic timing of the movie, the cinematography is competently done & it uses simple camera tricks (close-ups to help the audience connect with the characters during the more emotional scenes) to heighten the emotion perfectly.

I'm not usually into 80s music all that much but the soundtrack just perfectly fits the movie, the way they use it just makes these moments hit harder.

Without getting too personal, this movie came to me at the right time, a time where i was going through some really tough moments that were similar to what the characters go through which just made this movie connect with me, it's why i think it is ultimately timeless & why i love it so much, it helped me out when i down on my luck.

To this day it remains one of the few movies if not the only movie that i will rewatch anytime & anyday, it never gets old & i just really enjoy every watch, i think if a movie can have that big of an effect on you then it deserves the title of my favorite movie, how could i possibly give this anything less than a perfect score.

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