Deadpool ★★★★½

Probably the best comedy of the year... At a time where I began to think I saw everything a superhero movie has to offer, Deadpool delivers a fresh breeze into the genre. I am not very familiar with the whole Deadpool story so I wasn’t sure what to expect, although I really liked the Trailer and the marketing campaign.
It easily dethrones „Guardians“ as the funniest movie of the series, and not even that: At most times it's hysterically r-rated funny, starting with the opening titles (don't miss them) and ending with the preview. With so many superhero's gone dark and depressing, Deadpool takes a total different direction with taking nothing serious: Itself, the genre, Marvel and popculture in general – it's hilarious.
It’s also the sexiest and most romantic movie of the genre, it's violently brutal and looks more like a B-movie, instead of a mega production.
Ryan Reynolds totally delivers, killing all doubts from his former experiences as a superhero. Morena Baccarin is sexy as hell and almost every other character works. If there's something to criticize: Ajax as bad guy falls a bit flat (but has a strong reight hand with Gina Carano) and there's not much depth to the story. But never mind, did I say it's so damn funny and entertaining?

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