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  • Dial M for Murder

  • Under the Christmas Tree

  • Christmas on the Alpaca Farm

  • Flushed Away

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  • Generation X

    Generation X

    A great example of how to take a franchise and make a pilot tv show of it, whilst ruining everything about the source material and pissing off all the fans of it.

  • Sorceress


    This was soft corn porn trying to pretend to be a film, wasn't it?

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  • The Actors

    The Actors


    I had never heard of this film but seeing as it had Dylan Moran in a main role I had to seek it out. I did not have high hopes after reading that this was not that great a film and unfortunately after watching it I have to concur. Whilst the performances by all are good, it is the plot/story that lets this one down. It tries to be a black comedy/old school fare but it really just doesn't pay…

  • Scorched



    Found on Prime and thought why not based on the cast. I should have known better as this is an awful film in every sense. The script here is totally at fault as every character in this is "quirky", instead of being intriguing or interesting. The quirkiness quickly descends into annoying after 10 seconds in all cases. Thing is they have good people playing all the characters yet they are all so flat so all I can think is that…