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  • We Are Who We Are

    We Are Who We Are


    There’s a defining moment in Guadagnino’s Adriatic opus that has more power to it than anything else seen on network television in a very long time. It’s far from a big event or even an unforseen tragedy, but rather, a moment of deafening silence that not only crystallises the premise, but comments on the state of our world right now, and that moment is this:

    Sarah Wilson is on the couch watching a live-stream of Trump’s victory unfold on television…

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  • Lemming



    Doesn’t sustain its grip for the entirety of the bloated runtime, but when it does, it’s an A-class psychological thriller. I love it when Rampling plays a sour witch, it’s so satisfying to watch.

  • The Haunted Mask

    The Haunted Mask


    One of the best (if not, the best) Goosebumps short story adaptations. Amazing how this has more charm and wit than most modern horror movies, while still managing to be frightfully entertaining for its intended audience in the process. If anyone reboots this, it needs to be through someone like Nickelodeon and NOT Disney studios, or else I’ll literally be forced to start digging my own grave. I want that mask.

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  • Tenet



    Inception on crack.

  • Chernobyl



    Nerve-shredding, well-paced and grimly told; Chernobyl is by far the greatest dramatization of human error ever produced for television, emphasising that the toxicity of humanity is just as destructive as the deadly fumes of nuclear energy. This is truly terrifying stuff.