Music ★★½

Controversy aside, I just saw this with a friend of mine who has an Autistic family member and he burst into tears at the end because it hit so close to home for him, and I think sharing that experience with him made me appreciate the movie a lot more than if I had seen it alone. I asked him if it was a respectable and accurate portrayal of Autism and he wholeheartedly said “yes”. So while I can understand some (not all) of the outrage, I do think it’s important to remember that everyone will have different responses to subjects that are this touchy. Unsurprisingly, the music in ‘Music’ is fantastic and Hudson gives one hell of a performance, I just think the biggest problem with it is that the film is seen through her perspective instead of Maddie Zeigler’s character, which I believe, is where some of the fire originally sparked from.

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