Swallow ★★★½

Apart from the assortment of sharp objects consumed throughout, there’s plenty of other aspects about Mirabella-Davis’ slice of domestic isolation that are indeed, hard to digest. Yet, rarely is there a split second in which we question the strange behaviour unfolding on screen before us as remotely irrational. That suspension of disbelief (or rather, embrace of alienation) comes from Hayley Bennet’s powerfully nuanced portrayal of a woman defined by the expectations of her gender and a crippling hunger to regain a sense of control in her life that she never knew she lost. 

It’s a sharply observed character study that is both fascinatingly unique and disheartening, one that speaks volumes about our instinctive desires and the things we do to deal with past, regardless of how destructive those things may be to ourselves and those around us.

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