Under the Silver Lake ★★★★

Skunk juice, underground pop culture conspiracies, sexy legs glistening in swimming pools, the gut-punching pretensions of LA life...curiosity always kills the cat...

Even though David Robert Mitchell’s idiosyncratic vision may often exceed his grasp here, there’s something about the muddled nature of this experience that makes it strangely more grounded. 

Seething with awkward playfulness, it’s a hypnotic neo-noir wrapped in lynchian-like mystery, where Mitchell puts the mundane life of a Californian nobody under the microscope, giving his life and those around him a surreal purpose, as aimless as they all seem to be.

The non-linear fashion in which Mitchell unfolds his story, is equally frustrating as it is refreshing, but it mostly compliments the bizarre events taking place inside this never-ending rabbit hole. 

It’s all about perspective.

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