Fuego ★★★★

So I just discovered the wonderful world of Armando Bó and Isabel Sarli and this will become a new obesession. If Russ Meyer and Pedro Almodóvar ever would have met and made a movie, Fuego most probably would have been the result. The plot is very simple. Laura is a nymphomaniac who falls in love with Carlos and they get married. But Laura can't stop her hot desires, so she suffers because she doesn't want to be unfaithful to Carlos.
Of course it's Isabel Sarli's performance which makes the movie come alive. She has such an incredible screen presence and puts so much passion into everything she does that you can't help but get hypnotized. For a late 60s sexploitation flick this has a huge camp appeal, it's funny and overly melodramatic. What I still didn't mention is, that this is a movie from Argentina, so it has a very beautiful setting at a lake in the mountains, at San Martín de los Andes to be precise. Later it moves to New York for a short piece of time where Isabel Sarli walks down the street and that's where Divine (Yes, Pink Flamingo Divine) apparently got some of her moves from. Just in general it's obvious why John Waters loves this film. Another big plus is the great music, for example the very catchy title track ("Fuego! Fuego en tu boca. Fuego! Fuego en tu cuerpo. Fuego! Fuego en tu sangre, en tus entrañas, que queman mi alma. Mi amooooor!") performed by Carlos Alonso. If you can feel the fire and melodrama of that song, you can also feel this movie, because in the end it really is about fire, passion and love. In fact it's one of the greatest romantic movies ever!
Now let's see if we can get a nice blu-ray boxset of some Armando Bó and Isabel Sarli gems.

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