Cruella ★★★★

This had no right to slap that hard, but oh my it's so much fun!

I have always loved Cruella, she is a great villain, with great fashion sense and a really reckless personality. It's impossible to be on her side, but it's so interesting when she is there.

And when I saw the director of I, Tonya was making a movie about Cruella I got excited, I knew it wasn't gonna be perfect, but I was more than intrigued to see how he was gonna execute his ideas.

Cruella is fantastic. It is fun, and bold, the outfits are amazing, the soundtrack is amazing and Emma Stone makes a great job with the role. I had such a good time watching this and it was also very interesting to look back on Cruella's backstory and how she got to be the person she is in the 101 Dalmatians movie.

So much fun, Gillespie!

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