I Killed My Mother

I Killed My Mother ★★★★

Ten years of silence, ten seconds of sound.

I Killed My Mother is the story of Hubert, a gay teenager, and the troubled relationship he has with his mother, Chantale. It feels deeply personal and honest, an exploring into the relationship between a mother and her teenage son and the complexity of it, especially while Hubert deals with his sexuality and identity.

I loved that the protagonist was gay, but the movie didn't revolve around his sexuality, but rather on all the argues he has with his mother.

I can see traces of Hubert in me, I see them and it hurts me.

It makes you think. Think about the last fight you had with your mother or somone you love. Maybe the issue has been resolved now, maybe you didn't mean the hurtful things that you said and it is all better now... But how did she felt with the things you said? How could you fix it? You can't go back in time and delete your words. The worst part is that even if you try your hardest, fights keep happening and words keep going out and hurting the people you love. It is like a endless loop of angst, but despite of everything you still love her.

I think I have also killed my mother. I have killed her of sorrow, of displeasure and discussions, I have killed her with my absence.

When will your purgatoy be over?

On another side, the technical aspects of this movie are someething I really liked, the color palette is visually pleasant, the cinematography is gorgeous, there are some shots that completely mesmerized me. The performances are also astounding, they are so intense and alongside the beautiful soundtrack convey such strong emotions.

I'm gonna conclude this review with the Letterboxd tagline, because it left me with a big sting of pain as well: ''Sons forget their mothers can die''.

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