The Hunt

The Hunt ★★½

The jackrabbit always wins.

2020 Ranked.

The Hunt takes a lot of influences and references from movies like Saw, The Strangers, You're Next and —the most obvious one—, The Purge. It even referenced and mentioned dystopian books, like George Orwell's Animal Farm.

I heard about the movie when nothing about the plot was known, but this poster caught my attention. So I thought I was gonna like it more. The plot sounds like a slightly different version of The Purge: A group of people wake up without knowing where they are or what happened. They have been kidnapped by an elite group who will hunt them, the kidnapped are offered weapons to defend themselves —even though it's obvious they don't have a chance—, but the rich people's plan changes when one of their ''preys'', starts hunting them.

Because I'm not American, I don't know about american politics and I'm not going to dive into that topic, but its political subtext and criticism of it is very obvious.

The dialogue was very dumb at some points, and it was 'meh' at its best, at some parts it tries to be funny but ends up being annoying. The story was I also felt The Hunt pretentious at some parts, which was contradictory because the CGI was really bad —especially during the death sequences—.
The best part of this movie was the main protagonist, her attitude and her determination. The action was decent and kept me entertained, but she's the only reason I'm giving this half more star.

Oh, and the final fight scene was Kill Bill's iconic kitchen fight scene with extra steps.

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