John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum ★★★★

After the straightforward revenge film that was John Wick, the problem with Chapter 2 was that I can't even remember why John Wick killed that guy at the end. It had better action than the first chapter but it also just set up the sequel. But based on this set up Chapter 3 could now deliver. The film's goal is to show us stylish action. And it succeeded in everything it wanted to do. Brilliant cinematography and action-choreography with Keanu Reeves giving once again a very convincing physical performance. His stunt work is incredible.

My connection to these film doesn't seem to be as passionate as from many others which is why the last scene which is basically once again a set up left me quite unaffected. But this is fine. I just observe the brilliance of the action scenes. And I am satisfied.

(The Academy won't nominate this film for the best cinematography because of their ignorance towards action films. I'm calling it.)

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