Paterson ★★★★★

someone said to me, to be in med school you just have to throw your other passions away. i don't think i'm prepared for that. i stumbled upon paterson on this list called "quietly brilliant". i've never found a movie this relatable. i'm the one drawing and reading and taking pictures and watching films and playing jumbled notes on my keyboard at every spare moment i have, just as he writes poems when he's on the bus. i have so many passions, just like her, but i never seem to have one strong overarching passion. paterson made me realize that it's okay to be "quietly brilliant". i'm probably going to get into med school in four to five years. i'm probably not going to be a filmmaker. probably also not going to exhibit any photographs or songs. but paterson, with its gentleness and its mundane day to day pattern, makes me so damn happy for the future where i go to my job and come home and have those quiet tranquil moments where i can revel in my small passions since that's the reality of most people. paterson simultaneously gave me an existential crisis and made me feel okay with being someone so small and enraptured in my own world.

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