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  • Helvetica



    Avoided seeing this movie for ten years. I imagined watching graphic designers talking about fonts for 90 minutes would be like watching plumbers talk about pipes. But the world of type is a world I spend a good portion of my life in, so I knew I eventually had to endure. And the movie did turn out to be as functional and stiff as its subject matter. It barely scratches the surface about how and why this Swiss font has…

  • The Snowman

    The Snowman


    What Tomas Alfredson does here has got to be one of the biggest nose-dives of a director in recent times. Three great films in a row. Then Martin Scorsese backs your new film. You've got a great cast. Thelma Schoonmaker is your editor. Everything is looking good. How then do you end up with a barely coherent mess of a film like this? The Snowman looks like it was shot with so much studio tampering that I'm surprised Alfredson kept…

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  • The Turin Horse

    The Turin Horse


    Father and daughter hangs out and eat potatoes. Perfect film.

  • Videodrome



    It's still hilarious when James Woods loses a gun in his stomach.