Persepolis ★★★★★

Incredible movie. Warmth, hilarity, depth, beauty, surprise, delight, inspiration and tragedy... all packed into 95 minutes of stunningly creative animation. A definite candidate as one my top ten favorite movies of all time.

The 2D-style feels faithful to the graphic novel. It's a feast for any artist or designer: the art is luxuriously beautiful. I can't say this enough how much the delight and whimsy of the art draws you into the story. I was in awe of the aesthetics the entire movie.

The story is no less resonant and is equally intricate: a strong-willed, creative girl comes up against young adulthood and the increasingly-repressive, intolerant religious regime in Iran. Wherever she goes, the longing for love, for peace in her home, for a return to warmer times with family and friends, haunt her. How does one fit in where you've lost your home, when your homeland no longer exists...and where you must always hide a part of yourself?

The characters of "Persepolis" are vivid, detailed and sympathetic (despite being very flat and black/white). I especially love Marjane's grandmother, father and uncle...strong, memorable people who shaped this brave young woman and the testament she inked into a powerful graphic novel and then this masterpiece of film. My favorite film of 2007!

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