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  • Tom Jones

    Tom Jones


    Criterion movie of the week #2 - 2 of 2.

    how did this win Best Picture?....

    I think the overall big production, huge cast, and creative direction - all contributed to its win. When you had movies like The Birds, Charade and 8 1/2 snubbed at the Oscars, I guess that made it an easy win.

    This movie is set in 18th Century England, we meet our main "hero" Tom Jones (later played by Albert Finney) as a baby, found…

  • Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

    Saturday Night and Sunday Morning


    Criterion movie of the week #2 - 1 of 2.

    This is one of the movie's made during the British New Wave Cinema, Albert Finney plays Arthur, our main character and is the core of this movie. The main story relies on his relationships with two women, one who is a married woman (Rachel Roberts) he is having an affair with, and this new young woman that he meets and instantly falls for. You would think falling for this beautiful…

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  • Alita: Battle Angel

    Alita: Battle Angel


    now this was fun!! saw this at AMC's Dolby Cinema in 3D and i'm so glad that I did. The 3D gave the visual depth while the Dolby sound made the big action scenes very heightened.

    Considering that this movie is adapted from a manga series, I did not mind the CGI look to these robot characters, including our main girl Alita. I really liked her look as she is supposed to be this really small girl with really big…

  • You Were Never Really Here

    You Were Never Really Here



    emotionally engaging.

    This movie starts off near my hometown in Cincinnati then with a short flight spends the rest of the movie in New York City. This movie starts with a pretty slow build for the 40 minutes, then it hits a turning point where you are trying to figure out what is happening at the same time as our main character. Phoenix's character Joe, spends his time trying to save little girls, that have been taken, for a…