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  • The Human Condition

    The Human Condition


    The Human Condition is a near perfect masterwork by Masaki Kobayashi, set mostly in Japanese-colonized Manchuria, it tells an important part of World War 2's History that is not talked about enough. It is based on the novel of the same name, and spans three films broken up into six parts in 579 mins total. it's a harrowing thought provoking epic to not be forgotten.

    I took my time watching this breaking it up in order to get through all…

  • Midway



    Edwin Layton: Pearl Harbor is the greatest intelligence failure in American history.

    Midway is a fine enough movie to celebrate Veterans Day. shout out to all of the Veterans still out there and those that aren't here anymore. I only went to see this because my dad really wanted my sister and I to go and see it with him, and they enjoyed it, so that was good. for me, I felt like it was alright.

    The way the storyline…

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  • Captain Marvel

    Captain Marvel


    Fury: Space invasion, big car chase... truth be told, I was ready to hang it up. 'Till I met you today.

    um, i loved it.

    as someone who loves Captain America: The First Avenger + thinks it is veryy underrated, I gotta add Captain Marvel to being in a similar vein. I really enjoyed this movie.. laughed out loud a lot, teared up at moments, and was genuinely surprised at others.

    We meet Brie Larson as "Vers" as we first…

  • Avengers: Endgame

    Avengers: Endgame


    still processing... actually still sobbing....

    will give a more formal review on the movie itself later, especially since I don't want to spoil anything, it's still the first weekend!

    I re-watched 90% of the MCU movies the past few days, so they all are fresh in my mind.. taking this film in after doing that, makes it 100x's better. a few of my predictions came true, one of them i'm soo happy it did, slightly different then I thought but…