Stalker ★★★★★

The Criterion Channel - Movie of the Week #4.
Collection: Stalker #888.

how to describe this movie.

Stalker is a film that asks you to leave all else behind and come along this journey with these three main characters (The Professor, The Writer, and The Stalker). It explores our human desires, thoughts, fears, and silently asks you to reach into the deepest corners of your brain to question what you know to be true.

This is not a movie that you can explain easily and I don't think that the director Andrei Tarkovsky would want you to. A little warning that its a veryy slow burn of a film, also for being a sci-fi picture there isn't much shown on the screen to fully classify it as such. I think it is more of a self-discovery adventure that takes its time destroying every foundation that you have. The Cinematography choices in this film is so purposeful, powerful, and gorgeous, there are many tight close up shots of each of our journeymen - which really showcases their emotional thought process throughout the film.

Don't waste too much time trying to understand Tarkovsky's cerebral point of view, but rewatch this multiple times in hope of analyzing what you got out of it instead. This is my first introduction to Tarkovsky and what an introduction it was.

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