Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★½

The once upon a time in hollywood recipe:
• 4½ cups of fucking amazing cinematography & an equal amount of beautiful costume and set design 
• A tablespoon of shirtless brad pitt
• Half a bag of atmosphere (or....... actually, just pour it all into the bowl, it will be your basic ingredient for the entire thing)
• A very big handful of leonardo dicapricorn (attention: you will need a good bait to lure him out of his retirement cave!)
• 18 tablespoons of feet
• One acid-dipped cigarette + one big ass flamethrower
• 5½ ounces of cameos
• A splash of margot robbie (but not too much because you will wanna give the aforementioned flamethrower a bigger character development!)
• Two pinches of “the man from uncle” references
• a few dashes of good music
• And finally, a tablespoon of historic changes (but they will make sense, don’t worry)

Now toss it all into your blender and let it sit for a while. Then throw the entire bag that says “plot”, which you may have bought for this recipe, into your trash can, you won’t need it. Congratulations, you’re now ready to enjoy it!

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