The Last Black Man in San Francisco

The Last Black Man in San Francisco ★★★★

This movie is pure poetry. It plays out like a beautiful, breathing, warm painting; telling a mesmerizing, vibrant tale about friendship, belonging and thruths. But most importantly, about home. Home: this place, this people, this memory, this history, this personality that couldn’t be more individual, becomes so tenderly and gorgeously universal in this film...

Anyways, this screening came along with a Q&A with joe talbot, jimmie fails, jamal trulove, isain lalime & jordan gomes; an event during which I sat in the first row and started crying, and after which I met jimmie fails, asked him a question that turned out to be stupid and quite embarassing for me (I asked if they were inspired by Blindspotting, he said they hadn’t even seen it and I was just like “oh”) then we  took a picture and I left in confusion and shame... but yeah it was still an amazing experience

locarno film festival 2019

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