The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★★

“Aye... gotta say, t‘was int‘resting that trip I tell ye! Don‘t know if I‘d recommn‘d ‘t. There‘s lots o’ noisy ‘gulls all over the island and only one place t’stay in. The tenant’s a drunken wicky and the only person I seen around. Don‘t know what to think of ‘im. ‘E farts a lot and fills yer mind with tall tales. Told me I couldn’t go see the local light-attraction. Peculiar fella. Once I even seen ’is nak’d butt up there? Strange, but oh I tell ye I’m curious to see what’s up ‘ere! At nightfall he’ll have a drink ‘nd dance ‘ith ye. Fun. Don’t know what was in’e liquor but I think dreamt I’d meet a mermaid. Liked that. But the cooking ‘s real bad I tell ye! Just def’ntely don‘t recommend tellin ’im ‘bout it. He’ll start talkin a lot o’ nonesense. Better stay silent. And don’t ever think about spillin yer beans to ‘im! 
...Aye, what a mad experience! ‘E said something about a boat home, hope it‘ll come soon.“

- Ephraim Winslow (@realtommyhoward), on

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