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  • Princess



    Beautifully intricate animation juxtaposes the raw and seedy subject of Danish film 'Princess' as August steps up to look after niece Mia after his sister Christina, a prostitute is found dead.

    Driven to destroy all of the erotic films Christina starred in and seeking revenge on her former lover Charlie, August is the perfect hero. The brutal sacrifices he makes reflect the fierce protective nature he has over his family.

    With a stunning blend of animation and real life, the movie perfectly depicts a child numb to the two things most parents wish to shield their children from- sex and violence.

  • Stoker



    Wonderfully bloody and delightfully dark, Mia Wasikowska's character India portrays a troubled child who loses her father and instead discovers an Uncle she never knew she had.

    Hailing from horror classic Psycho,it's shower scenes and actor Matthew Goode as the Norman Bates-esque Charles Stoker add extra charm to the movie.

    With fantastic cinematic blending of scenes and a cyclic ending, this indie horror infatuates the viewer from start to finish.