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  • Se7en



    Another classic I’ve neglected!

  • The Lost Boys

    The Lost Boys


    Another classic I never got round to watching! 

    Acting was great, soundtrack was banging, vampire aesthetic was top notch. Not much to dislike just wish I’d have watched sooner. 

    I wish the story had been developed slightly more, but I loved the Goonies but make it horror vibe.

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  • Stoker



    Wonderfully bloody and delightfully dark, Mia Wasikowska's character India portrays a troubled child who loses her father and instead discovers an Uncle she never knew she had.

    Hailing from horror classic Psycho,it's shower scenes and actor Matthew Goode as the Norman Bates-esque Charles Stoker add extra charm to the movie.

    With fantastic cinematic blending of scenes and a cyclic ending, this indie horror infatuates the viewer from start to finish.

  • Her



    Her is heart-breaking, heart-warming, melancholic and delightful in simultaneous majesty . A unique and obscure love story that holds all the foundations of conventional love within it's core.

    Spike Jonze's sci-fi romance depicts Joaquin Phoenix as reserved writer Theodore, who buys a highly sophisticated Operating System, forming a relationship with it.

    Beautifully and subtly filmed, the movie poses a million questions about human interaction in general, the roles and methods of communication, and the amelioration or the damaging qualities technology has on society nowadays.